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Open positions:

The following are the open positions,

1.   Flight Crew Training Manager / “Post Holder – Crew Training” 


Job Title: Flight Crew Training Manager / “Post Holder – Crew Training”

Location: UAE – Abu Dhabi

Type: Permanent

Aircraft type: A319  or G450

Rotana Job Aviation L.L.C, based in the UAE, has an exciting opportunity for the right candidate. This exciting opportunity brings with it a very good package and progression.

The Nominated Post holder of the Training Department should have thorough knowledge of the Crew Training Concept for Flight Crew as well as for Cabin Crew Training and is expected to hold a TRI/TRE endorsement. Wherever appropriate must balance the operational tasks with the administrative function of the post.

Experience & Qualifications:

• Comprehensive knowledge of air law, aircraft technical systems and airline procedures.

• 5 years’ experience as Pilot in Command

• Preferably TRI/TRE qualification

• Management experience; post holder role; under EASA / GCAA

Flight Crew Training Manager main duties and responsibilities are as follows:

To ensure the functioning of the quality system within the crew training department, his functions and responsibilities are:

  • The      establishment and maintenance of common training standards and policies.
  • To      arrange ground instruction for newly recruited personnel and refresher      training when deemed necessary
  • In      consultation with the Director Flight Operations and the Chief Pilots the      selection of Training Pilots (Instructors and Examiners) and the selection      and training of Co- pilots for Command.
  • In      consultation with the Director Flight Operations the Training Captains,      the Director Safety and the Cabin Crew Focal point, determine the highest      standards of safety and crew resource management in all training      activities.
  • To      oversee initial, conversion and recurrent simulator training.
  • To      oversee initial, conversion and recurrent flight training.
  • To be      responsible for all training records and to ensure that Flight Crew checks      are conducted in accordance with current legislation and the Training      Manual.
  • In      consultation with the Training Captains, the content and maintenance of      amendments of the Company Training Manual, and for the Training Captains      Instruction and Training Manual.
  • Ensuring      that training is given to pilots and cabin crew is of a suitable standard      and that all crew receiving such training reach an acceptable level of      proficiency before being released for duty.
  • Restricting      the number of hours which he flies in order that he can carry out his      ground duties effectively
  • Monitoring      of training and checking results to assure effectiveness.
  • Monitoring      regulatory changes to assure training programs are up to date.
  • security      standards and coordinating teams and service providers on shift

Interested candidates that hold above required qualifications and skills, please submit your CV to