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Rotana Jet, the first airline in Middle East and Africa to deliver live transaction using IATA NDC standard with a clear road map to cover end to end

Travel Agents will be able to do more transparent comparative shopping and personalized offers, while combining air and non-air products within one passenger record

28 October 2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Rotana Jet today confirmed that it is the first airline in Middle East and Africa to deliver live transaction using IATA's NDC (New Distribution Capabilities) standard which has been validated by IATA IT technical team. Rotana Jet became the first airline to achieve the NDC live deployment with the first publication of the latest NDC standard.

Commenting on the announcement, Tony Tyler, Director General and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IATA said, “I am delighted that Rotana Jet has become the first airline in the region to deliver live NDC transactions. It proves that there is no barrier to any airline taking advantage of this new initiative. The leadership of H.H. Dr. Ahmed bin Saif Al-Nahyan has been crucial for recognizing the value of NDC, which will spark even greater innovation and competition within the airline sector. And with their burgeoning reputation for service quality, I am sure many more Middle Eastern carriers will soon be joining Rotana Jet in offering this new air travel purchasing experience to their customers."

During the occasion, George Ibrahim, CEO of Rotana Jet commented: "We are glad to be the first airline in Middle East and Africa to go live with IATA NDC with the first publication of the latest NDC standard. As Rotana Jet develop bundled and unbundled offers, the travel community needs to be able to shop and compare the value of these options for their customers, just as they do when they shop online for any consumer items or walk-in to any retail shops. IATA NDC gives us the ability through the development of a modern, internet-based data standard for communications between Rotana Jet and the travel agents.

With a complete deployment of NDC standard into our distribution system air travelers will benefit from greater transparency and access to all our offerings when shopping via a travel agent or any of the Online Travel Agencies.

The deployment of NDC live with the first publication is the initial phase of our NDC journey with a roadmap to cover end to end in the coming months including reporting to BSP, interlining and TypeB messaging to the DCS. Rotana Jet's vision is to facilitate a single reference number for a passenger holding all data elements in a travel cycle including flights, ancillaries and non-air products like hotels, cars, activities etc which will simplify the travel experience of customers."

Asian Gulf Travels with over 80 branches in UAE and Oman and TPConnects, a travel technology provider, using the next generation booking and distribution tool with merchandising where part of the IATA NDC journey with Rotana Jet.

Rotana Jet being the first airline to be live with NDC was announced in a joint press conference between IATA and Rotana Jet during the Middle East and Africa Aviation Conference held at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 27th October 2015.

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